What is the Cloud Energy Optimizer?

A shell over your existing building management system which greatly reduces the energy consumption in your building. With this system you get a grip on the capricious weather and changing conditions in your building. Not only does this save energy but gives you more comfort.
The Cloud Energy Optimizer predicts the energy demand in a building and deploys the various energy resources as efficiently as possible. For example a boiler, heat pump or heat/cold storage. Of course, other forms of generating energy can be used. The self-learning software combines all kinds of information flows to predict the needs of all users in the building. Based on this data it proactively deploys the most sustainable and cheapest energy source. This innovation provides you sustainable comfort against the lowest possible cost!

More comfort, less energy

You decide what has the highest priority; comfort, sustainability or cost reduction. For example when energy appears to be very expensive at a particular time, then it’s possible that the Cloud Energy Optimizer stops heating for a little while. The temperature will then drop within the maximum specified standards of your comfort temperature.


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