Costs depend on your type of building, energy resources and situation. To give you an idea of the investment and revenue, we put together a sample project below.

Sample project

An office building, built in the year 2005 with an energy bill of € 35,000 per year. The office holds 100 employees. The technical equipment includes a Priva building management system, gas boiler, heat pump and terminal unit.




One-time € 6,500 plus a licence description of € 200 per month.


Payback period

  • 5 years at 10% savings
  • 2 years at 15% savings
  • 1 years at 20% savings

General prices

Installation costs vary by project, after all, every building and usage is different. You always receive a free consultation and quotation.
Small installation
From € 4,000 one-time and € 130 per month. (Utility bill of € 25,000 per year)
Medium installation
Up to € 8,500 one-time and € 500 per month. (Utility bill of € 75,000 per year)
Large installation
You receive a complete customized quotation. 


We always apply a maximum payback period of 5 years.


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