Guaranteed energy saving in just 4 steps 


1. Advice and quotation
2. Order assignment
3. Installation and balancing
4. Delivery and deployment

Hoe does it work?

After receiving your application we will assess your situation on location. You will receive a advise and quotation based on this assessment. Once we have received the order from you, we get straight to work.


The Cloud Energy Optimizer will be installed next to the Priva building management system. After the installation the system is calibrated. This is done by specialized engineers. Thanks to close collaboration with Priva, consultants, installers and control + measurement specialists, optimal performance is guaranteed. Finally the system is delivered and you immediately benefit from a higher comfort and energy savings. 


You pay one-time costs for installation and calibration. For the use of the software you need a subscription license, which you are free to cancel every month.


Proceedings installation and calibration

As license holder you are assured of remote support, updates and use of the convenient Cloud Energy Optimizer App. With this you always have insight into the energy consumption.

How does it benefit you?

  • Instant significantly energy and cost reduction, of 10 to 40%
  • Extending the lifespan of your technical installation
  • Use of the most sustainable and/or cheapest energy available
  • Better comfort
  • Contribution to your sustainability goals


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