Want to get the most out of the technical facilities of your building?

In town halls, universities, schools, hospitals and offices 40% of all energy is used for heating and cooling. Unfortunately a lot of energy is lost, because it’s not optimally utilized. The cause for this is the unpredictable climate in the Netherlands and buildings are used differently than what they are designed for. Typically 10 to 40% of the energy is unnecessarily wasted. As a solution, we’ve developed a smart and easy to implement software.


  • Maximum efficiency of technical installations
  • Cost reduction
  • Deployment of the most sustainable energy
  • Less maintenance
  • More comfortable and better indoor climate
  • Most innovative solution

Where does this innovative solution has the best performance?

The Cloud Energy Optimizer has the most impact in buildings where more than 20 people are present daily and/or have an energy bill of over 25,000 Euro per year. Naturally the cost reduction in a building with 500 people is much higher. The technical installation has the following components; boiler, heat pump, heat/cold storage, terminal unit, thermal buffer.


We only work with consultants, contractors, measurement and control specialist who, like us, value sustainability and getting the maximum performance out of your technical installation.